HSR Layout is one of the leading suburbs of Bangalore due to its leading Residential Area status. The result of higher numbers of IT parks in Bangalore has resulted in the evolution of HSR Layout as a top-class locality out there. With the evolution of the place, the businesses there are also evolving at a fast pace. The businesses include IT parks, techno centres and software hubs. Due to the higher status and ongoing development of the place, it is an obvious attraction for any commercial company and for that proper workspace offices are required in HSR layout.

It is a challenging task to find out affordable high-quality workspace offices in Bangalore. But, it has been made much easier because the workspaces in the HSR layout with high-quality amenities are offered at notably low prices to provide the best value service for the money. So, what are you waiting for? Go and book your premium workspace office in HSR layout right now!


Know about HSR Layout, Bangalore 

Bangalore is one of the most developed cities in India. It is regarded as the “Silicon Valley Of India “ because it is the residence of the headquarters of a large number of IT companies. Bangalore is the exporter of information technology in the country. A demographically diverse city, Bangalore is the second-fastest-growing major Metropolitan city of India.

Bangalore is the third populous city of India and because of its large population, the growth of any industry is easy. Bangalore is home to seven thousand and seven hundred millionaires and eight billionaires with a combined wealth of $320 billion. Bangalore has been ranked as the most liveable Indian City with a population of more than one million according to the Ease of Living Index of the year 2020. It is home to several state-owned defence and aerospace organisations. The City of Bangalore has a large number of Suburbs that have been residential areas for a large number of corporates.

Hosur-Sarajpur Road Layout aka HSR Layout is one of the buzzing locality of Bangalore. It is a south-eastern suburb of the city developed by the Bangalore Development Authority in 1985 which lies in the constituency of the State Assembly. Spanning over an area of 1500 acres of land, the place is known to be the gateway to the Electronic City which is one of the major Information Technology or IT Hub of the city. HSR Layout is divided into seven sectors. The neighbouring towns like Venkatapura, Mangammanapalya, Parangipalya, Hosapalya and Agara are part of the sectors.

The place is planned based on modern town planning methods and has a centralised BDA Complex that housed the administrative offices of the city. The place is built on the land that was reclaimed from Agara Lake. It is closer to the other commuter belts and residential areas of Bangalore. The locality of Jayanagar is 7km away from HSR Layout while it is 2km away from HSR Layout. HSR Layout is one of the most elegant localities of Bangalore due to the developed IT Infrastructure, modern civic amenities, natural greenery and wide streets.


Why is HSR Layout Workspace Office best for your business? 

The standard of a workspace office increases with the surroundings of the offices. The places with a developed infrastructure demand fully embellished premium office spaces that are both well equipped and secured. It is difficult to find such workspaces and if they are found, the prices are out of the budget. To fulfil the demands of people the premium workspace offices at HSR Layout is always ready. We offer you the best products that enable you to select the perfect customised workspace option from a wide range that fits your business environment. The number of employees you have, their way of working everything has been kept in mind while designing our workspaces and thus, it will influence your business to succeed in a big way. So, the customized workspace options are there for you and the best for your business.


The Spotlight on HSR Layout Bangalore 


  • Commute –   Transportation systems and networks plays a vital role in Urban and Suburban areas. They promote access to the commuter belt and the services that one person needs daily. It encourages one to be socially connected.

HSR Layout has a well-designed transportation system due to being surrounded by important towns and cities. It has Bommanahalli in the West, Sarajpur Road in the East, Bellandur in the North and Koramangala in the North West. The main connective roads passing through HSR Layout are the National Highway seven ( NH-7) or Hosur Road, Sarajpur Main Road, Haralur Road and Hosapalya Main Road. The buses and auto-rickshaws of this area are controlled by the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation or BMTC. BMTC improvises the connectivity of the vehicles to other prime locations of the place. The place is also connected by railways as the South End Circle Metro Station is 10 km away from HSR Layout. The Metro Station connects it to other prime locations of Bangalore.


  • The Educational Institutions –  The way to make a better environment is by educating the people living there. The educational system prepares society to meet the demand of people. In a place where the infrastructure is IT based, innovative education is needed for newer ideas in that field.

The reputation of the HSR Layout has increased because of the presence of well known educational institutions that helps the developing student population.

The famous educational institutions include JSS Public School (established in 2004), Oxford College( founded in 1974 ) and the National Institute of Fashion Technology ( NIFT ). The famous schools include Lawrence School, Cambridge Public School, Freedom International School, National Public school, RavindraBharati Global School and GnanSrishti School of Excellence. The famous colleges include S.V.R College of Commerce and Management Studies, T. John College, Shakuntala Devi International Institute of Management Sciences and Pre University, Don Bosco College of Sciences and Management, NH School of Management and Technology and R.K Institute of Management and Computer Science.

HSR Layout is becoming a start-up hub of Bangalore because of the rapid growth of start-ups like Trebound, Udaan, Zomato and many more.


  • The Lifestyle –  The lifestyle of an area like HSR Layout demands a premium quality lifestyle with all the amenities and services required for a relaxed and easy life. HSR Layout has numerous Starred Hotels, Affordable Hotels and Apartments like Blue moon Log Inn, Twin Tulips, The Elite Royale and Rosline Apartment and Services. The place is also filled with outlets of many renowned brands like Reliance Digital, Sony, Mom & me, Levi’s, FastTrack and Vishal Mega Mart. The requirements of the residents of HSR Layout are fulfilled with Supermarkets, shopping centres and shopping complexes.


  • The Health Care Infrastructure –  The Health Care services and Hospital services of a residential area is required to be more than enough. It provides security of health to the employees and their family. HSR Layout is such a place that offers the best facilities in terms of health care. There are numerous Multispecialty, Super speciality and General Hospitals such as Asian Speciality Hospital, Greenview Medical Centre, Narayana Multispecialty Hospital and Queen’s Hospital. The clinical support with pharmacies and doctor clinics makes HSR Layout one of the best residential areas with proper health care facilities.


  • Amusements –  The daily hectic schedules, spreadsheets, presentations and work pressure makes the life of corporate employees stressed. This affects the lives of their families too. Due to these circumstances, any mode of amusement and entertainment through which the relaxation of the families are done is required.


There are large numbers of places that one can visit with their families in the HSR Layout. The places include a variety of restaurants that serves a wide range of cuisine like The Punjabi Rasoi, Mishmash, Helloo Delhi, Tomatina, Napoli Bistro and Kumarakom. HSR Layout is also home to renowned Bars, Lounges and Pubs like Don’t Tell Mama – The Elite, The Touch Club, Café Mondo, The Deck Lounge Bar and Spiritz Bar and Restaurant. There are several parks in HSR Layout controlled by the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation or BMTC. The parks include Tree park, HSR Friends Park, HSR Layout-7 Park, Independence Park, Sector 4 park, Sector 2 Park, BDA Layout Park, Twin park and many more. All the facilities show that HSR Layout is filled with elements of fun and Amusement.


  • The Rapidly growing market of Real Estate – HSR Layout is located in one of the most important localities of not only Bangalore but also India. Bangalore is regarded as the Silicon Valley of India because of the immense development it is having in the field of Information Technology. Every day the existing companies are touching their peaks while amazing newer start-ups with their strategies are building their brand in Bangalore. All these developments are making Bangalore the most liveable place in India and a surge in the market of Real Estate. HSR Layout is one of the most important localities where affordable living is available with premium residential status. It is one of the fasters evolving residential area which is not only developed but also connected by crisscross roads connecting HSR to other prime locations of Bangalore. The place has a wide array of multi-storeyed apartments that best for families.

The Rent of the apartments ranges from rupees twenty to sixty ( ₹20 – ₹60) per square feet while the price of apartments is ranging from rupees four thousand six hundred to six thousand ( ₹4500 – ₹6000 ) per square feet. The average price for hiring commercial workspace offices are rupees fifty five to sixty-five ( ₹55 – ₹65 ) per square feet.



The Amenities offered by Workspaces in HSR Layout Bangalore : 


A workspace demands special amenities for the employees working out there. The working productivity of a company depends on the services provided to the employees. The best workspace is the workspace that provides services that fulfil all the requirements of the employees barring them to deviate from their working goal. So while choosing a workspace office every company lists out the quality of amenities and services provided, they match their business type or are customised or not. The services include all the equipment supplies and interior designs.


It’s not easy work to provide all the amenities. It demands the expertise managing team, innovative architects and dedicated engineers who make up the workspace that people use and buzz about. The place is maintained by the security analysts and the working process is maintained by the executives.


HSR Layout offers workspaces that are fully furnished, is client-friendly and customised according to their business structure. We offer Amenities according to you whether it’s classic amenities or modern facilities under the same roof.

The workspaces also provide equipment that is business-related like Conference and Meeting rooms with the proper projecting system, Double UPS and Double gensets, carpeted interiors with eye sparkling designs, mail and call handling workstations, wide-area parking lot, server space, free Wi-Fi connection, Cafeteria are just only a handful of amenities to tell while many to offer.



Why you should choose Workspace Offices at HSR Layout, Bangalore? 

 The place tells its own story, not the people. Bangalore is becoming such a place that it has been more than difficult to afford workspaces there due to the rapid development of IT companies and other industries. Booming business ventures are also going through the crisis of getting the perfect workspace option.

The crisis has been overcome by us. We have provided affordable price options so that makes companies prefer us to other ones. Our pricing strategy is unique and cost-effective. The pricing strategy attracts not only bigger ventures but small scale business and start-ups. We are prepared for the business of every industry. The types of industries that work with us include – Food and Beverage Industry, Information Technology Industry, Textile Industries, Sales and Marketing Industries etc.

To offer the best services, our officials, employees and managing teams research and go through the upcoming trends, the necessities and the rising demands of the customer and we try to fulfil their demands. The commodities and technologies offered by us are durable for the long term. If you need customised office spaces, contact us right now and give us a chance to serve you.


The Choice Of Office Workspace in HSR Layout :

The need of office workspace is more or less needed by every Corporate and IT sectors . The availability of workplace or offices makes it easier of employees to work properly . The environment in a workplace matters the most . An office layout with a quiet environment increases the productivity from employees . Office workspace  enhances collaboration among employees and the business increases due to collaborative innovation in work . The office spaces are various in types and have their own specifications in their own way . From traditional Offices to modern services offices , there is a wide range of office workspaces in HSR Layout and they are listed below :


  • Serviced offices

The Serviced Office space options in HSR Layout fulfils all the criteria required for an office workspace . It includes fully embellished space with equipment and facilities looked after by a team of dedicated management team . Speaking about the Management team of HSR Layout Serviced Office spaces , it is one of the if not the best management teams  which maintains the workspace properly and conveniently allowing the employees to have a relaxed working environment . The employees focus on their works without being interrupted by management problems . Another thing that is best in the Office Spaces is a workaholic facility team who’s main target  is the high quality facilities to the client and it  looks after the equipment like the Electricity network , access control etc.

The facility team also includes the housekeeping for the clients making it easier for them . The Office is facilitated with a Cafeteria that provides the beverages for the employees . The privacy and security of the office and it’s employees is taken into consideration with proper security system . The office rooms are properly air conditioned controlled by the facility team.


  • Traditional Offices

The most common or traditional office space as the name suggests . The Traditional Offices are the offices where the client have to make an agreement and pay on a monthly basis according to the agreement made . The rent is charged on the basis of the measurement of the office area required by the client . Traditional Offices are  preferred by Companies with an independent mentality and a strong financial backing because of the self service system . The management of the workspace is to be looked after by the employees themselves costing additional charges due to this .

The other additional management facilities are the responsibility of the clients while the basic equipment shall be provided by the workspace itself giving The company  the opportunity to work independently with their own working team . The facility team unlike the serviced offices  is not provided and there is a self work facility .


  • Bare Shell Offices

Bare Shell Offices are a part or property whose basic construction is completed and is provided with the basic building services . These types of offices have non-embellished interior designs and decorations . The offices also lacks the facility of Heating , Ventilation , and Air conditioning ( HVAC) systems . The important facilities of lighting , plumbing and elevator systems are also not provided which allows the client to design the office according to their will .

The Bare Shell Offices requires the input of basic amenities before it can be used . This type of Office Layout is preferred by clients who prefers customisable offices as per their convenience and the lifestyle that suits the company the most . They are ideal for start-ups and corporates launching new ventures . The Bare shell Offices are also preferred by Residential Office requirements as the basic flooring and room construction is done without having proper ornamentation.


  • Warm Shell Office Spaces :

The Warm shell office spaces are office spaces are a commercial office space  with minimum embellishments . Unlike the Bare Shell Offices the Warm Shell Offices are provided with basic facilities after the completion of it’s construction . It is describes as the vanilla shell property due to being semi-furnished  . The Warm Shell Offices are equipped with necessities like heating , ventilation and air conditioning  ( HVAC ) system along with lighting and plumbing . The flooring is finished with restrooms and a drop ceiling . It is a ready to use workspace preferred by clients looking for comparatively reduced costs than other fully embellished offices . It is also preferred by consumers having temporary office needs . The office layout is prevalent in commercial office segments .


Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) 

People have certain queries that they like to ask before choosing anything be it clothes or Apartments. The questions are known as Frequently Asked Questions. The questions asked commonly or frequently are listed below :


Ans. Anyone choosing an office space in HSR Layout will get services like Conference and Meeting rooms with the proper projecting system, Double UPS and Double gensets, carpeted interiors with eye sparkling designs, mail and call handling workstations, wide-area parking lot, server space, free Wi-Fi connection, Cafeteria and coworking cabins.


  • Space in HSR Layout? Should I book a schedule or walk-in normally?

Ans. We are always ready to have friendly conversations with our customers. Visit us any time and have a look at the interiors and the services provided by us. But if you are thinking to have an assisted or guided tour of the office, we will request you to book a schedule before visiting.


  • Are the office spaces in HSR Layout made for freelancers too? 

Ans. A Freelancer is a self-employed virtual worker who works for several clients at the same time. They require secured and fast technical support systems with freely working facilities. The domain-specific requirement based office spaces is the best choices for Freelancers.


Ans. The entrepreneurs and small scale business start-ups require a workspace that is cheaper but has special amenities. We prefer such amenities that suit both the budget and demands of the start-ups.