Office Spaces in Electronic City, Bangalore

Know the place, Electronic City, Bangalore:

Bangalore is the lead exporter of Information Technology in India. It has a large number of IT sectors and hubs which makes it the leading exporters. Among all the IT Hubs, Electronic City is one of the largest Information Technology Hub in Bangalore. It is located in the Anekal taluk of Bangalore. Electronic City is regarded as one of the largest electronic or Information Technology industrial park spreading over an area of 800 acres or 3.2 kilometre square in the area of Konappana Agrahara and the Doddathogur villages. It was established by the efforts of Karnataka State Electronics Development Corporation or KEONICS. Electronic City is divided into four zones termed as phases, namely – Phase I, Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV. Today Electronic City is home to more or less two hundred Information Technology (IT) and Information Technology Enabled Service’s(ITES) office campuses including the chief offices of Infosys, Wipro, TCS, HCL, Tech Mahindra and Biocon. There are residential areas around Electronic City namely – Maragondanahalli, Neeladri Road, Begur Road, Thirupalya, Doddathogur and Ananthnagar.

Electronic City was the brainchild and the Ultimate Dream of Ram Krishna Baliga who was the first Chairman and the Managing Director of KEONICS. His dream included making Bangalore the Silicon Valley of India. This dream fuelled the construction of Electronic City. His company KEONICS started the construction of Electronic City and it was established in 1978. It was constructed on an area of 332 acres of land in the Konappana Agrahara and Doddathogur villages. The development of Electronic City was helped by the liberalisation of the Indian Economy in the early 1990s by then Honourable Prime Minister of India, Mr P.V Narasimha Rao and then Indian Finance Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. Today, the city is regarded as the outsourcing capital of the world.

During the year 1997, Electronic City was handed over by KEONICS to ELCIA or Electronic City Industries Association for its maintenance, management and local governance by the representatives of ELCIA grouped into units. ELCIA provides massive security to the Electronic City with five hundred security officials and installation of CCTV cameras in strategic locations. The first, second and third phases of Electronic City was brought under the Electronics City Industrial Township Area on 18th March 2013 after a notification provided by the Urban Development Department. In the present day, Electronic City is a major IT hub of not only Bangalore but also Bangalore that have helped to give the title of Silicon Valley of India to Bangalore.

Spotlight on Electronic City Bangalore:


  • Communication and Transportation: There has been a major transformation of Electronic City in the early 1990s. The city is now considered one of the major residential areas and one of the most important commercial and residential hubs of the city. It is a major residential locality because of its proximity to the other parts of the city. The transportation infrastructure of Electronic City is excellent and unique in its way. It is home to some of the significant roadways and railways in Bangalore. There are three majorroadways in Electronic City namely – Hosur Road, Elevated Expressway and the NICE Road.

The Hosur Road is located here which is one of the major arterial highways of the city of Bangalore. The route is used by buses provided by Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation or BMTC and several interstate buses. The Bus services are flexible and available at competitive prices.


Another major road of Electronic City is the Electronic City Elevated Expressway officially known as Bangalore Elevated Tollway. It is a 9.985 kilometres long elevated highway that connects Silk Board Junction to Electronic City. It was constructed as a part of the BETL or Bangalore Elevated Tollway Ltd project which itself was a part of the National Highways Development and the Elevated Highway project. The initiative of this project was taken in early 2006 and was finally inaugurated for public use on January 22nd of 2010. It begins from Bommanahalli after the Central Silk Board Flyover and goes on to the Electronic City. It is the tallest flyover of Bangalore going above the BMIC Flyover at a height of 17 metres or 56 feet. The Elevated Expressway have helped in a major way by reducing the transporting time to the IT hub of Electronic City. The travel time from Silk Board Junction near Koramangala to Electronic City is reduced to ten minutes post-construction of the flyover. One of the specialities of the flyover is its exits. It has three exits in Electronic City that are directed towards E-City Phase I by the right exit, the second one directing towards E-City Phase II and the third one directing towards Attibele in Anekal. The Elevated Expressway have influenced the BBMP or Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike and the Bangalore Development Authority to construct a series of flyovers and underpasses to make the elevated highway a signal free road.

There Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises Road or NICE Road is another major roadway in Electronic City that is officially known as the Bengaluru-Mysuru Infrastructure Corridor or BMIC. It is a proposed four to six-lane private tolled expressway with a length of 63 kilometres and 6 lane access that helps to connect the two major cities of Bangalore and Mysore. It was constructed by the NICE under the chairmanship of Ashok Kheny on a BOOT ( Build Own Operate Transfer ) basis. According to a survey, approximately 8,00,000 vehicles use the road to travel from Electronic City to Tumkur Road. The NICE Road helps to connect Electronic City to other areas in Western Bangalore like Bannerghatta Road, Mysore Road, Kanakapura Road and Tumkur Road.

The Railways in Electronic City are also significant for the residents out there. It comes under the Yellow Line of Namma Metro Station ( RV Road – Bommasandra line ). There is an ongoing project of the development of this route that is expected to be finished by 2022. The railway station that comes under the E-City area is the Electronic City station or the Karmelaram Railway Station. The nearest and another important station of Electronic City is the Heelalige Station. The Heelalige Railway Station has become a part of the Bangalore Suburban Rail. It comes under the Electronic City Phase II. The route has been using Diesel Multiple Units or DMUs introduced by the South Western Railways.

Electronic City has access to the airways by the Kempegowda International Airport which is located at a distance of fifty-four kilometres from Electronic City. It has a unique facility of helicopter taxi service which was launched in March month of 2018. There is an ongoing rumour regarding the project of Hosur Road Airport at a distance of 28km from Electronic City based on the Belagondapalli in Thally Road.



  • Educational Institutions: While dreaming about the construction of Electronic City, Mr Ram Krishna Baliga also dreamt of a better education system in Electronic City that will help in making new innovators and entrepreneurs who in future will provide a needful contribution to Electronic City. His dream has been achieved as Electronic City is one of the self-sufficient residential locality of Bangalore that offers a vast and reputed education system with renowned educational institutions. It is one of its kind to have achieved massive development in both the IT sector and education. There are eminent colleges, schools and universities in Electronic City which attracts students from outside the state of Karnataka. The colleges include- International Institute of Information Technology or IIIT Bangalore, Welingkar Institute of Management Bangalore, PES University, IZEE College, St Francis De Sales PU College, Suvidya College, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Noble Institution of Education Society, Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurs and many more. Electronic City also has several renowned schools which are highly reputed and regarded as the top schools of Bangalore. They are – Sorsfort International School, Treamis World School, Feathertouch International School, KLAY Preschool and Day-care, St Joseph Chaminade Academy, AVS Public School, Silicon Valley High School and more.



  • Livelihood in Electronic City: Electronic City is one of the most reputed residential locality of Bangalore. It is renowned for its tremendous civic infrastructure. The place has everything any luxurious residential locality has to offer. It was dreamt to be self-sufficient in terms of everything and it has lived up to the dream. You will get and everything in the E-city from well-established hospitals, shopping avenues to esteemed educational institutions, everything is available with great accessibility. There are several famous shopping complexes and retail stores that have their outlets like Metro Cash and Carry Decathlon and D mart. It is also home to several sports arenas and fun spots like Footymonks Arena and a play factory. The city also has lots of themed restaurants and cafes where one can hang out with friends. The popular ones are The Big Barbeque, Fire Station, Sky Lounge Bar and many more.



  • Health Care and Infirmary: The IT development of Electronic City is ongoing and it is likely to be developed more. There are more than two hundred InfoTech Companies with uncountable employees. The health care of the employees and their families have been assured as there are plenty of Multispecialty and SuperSpeciality Hospitals that are at walkable distances from each other. The established hospitals are – Apollo Clinic, Pristyn Care, Spring leaf Healthcare, Blossom Multispecialty Hospital, Srujana Hospital etc. One of the oldest health care techniques in India is Ayurveda. There are many Ayurvedic hospitals, for example, Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic. There are several renowned physical therapy centres like Relics Physiotherapy and Rehab, Sri Lakshmi Hospital and dental clinics like Partha Dental Hospital and Clove Dental. All of these hospitals and clinics are nowhere to be found at once and thus it is the unique self-sufficient feature of Electronic City that attracts people from different places in the country.


  • Amusement: Electronic City is not only a lacklustre place of InfoTech with no fun. It is one of the best places in Bangalore where you can enjoy yourself a lot with your friends. There are mouth-watering restaurants that serve ethnic cuisines, fun parks, pubs, bars and microbreweries. The most popular party places in Electronic City include – The Terminus, Mesa Lounge Bar and Coffee Shop, Tap House 2.0 Bar and Kitchen, Strada Kitchen and Bar, Gilly’s Resto Bar, Habit Lounge Bar and Pub and many more party places within the vicinity of Electronic City. “There is everything for everyone in Electronic City”, keeping this thing in mind there are microbreweries for drink lovers to serve fresh and premium beverages. The microbreweries are famous for providing fresh beers. The famous microbreweries of Electronic City are, 46 Ounces, Brew garden, What the Ale?!, BLR Brewing Co. and La Casa Brewery and Kitchen which lies with the local residential area.


  • The heated market of Real Estate in E-city:  The vast IT infrastructure of Electronic City have helped in the population growth as the real estate market is increasing rapidly in its graph and there are no chances of downfall. According to a survey, there are total 100 Information Technology and Electronic Companies along with other commercial companies that employees over more than sixty thousand personnel. People prefer to live closer to their office area and thus the residences of Electronic City is getting filled up with working crowds. With the vast IT infrastructure, best health care services, availability of the countries best educational institutions, and ethnic lifestyle and the self-sufficient area, what else are the things that people need to live in a place? It has everything that anybody needs. With the growing number of residents, there has been a high demand for residential apartments, co-working office spaces and residential plots which are slated to be a major turning point for Electronic City soon. There are some of the most popular and renowned residential complexes in Electronic City namely- Godrej E-city, GM Infinite, Shri Ram Summit, Gopalan Gardenia, Prestige Sunrise Park, Bren Trillium, Salarpuria Sattva Greenage, Ajmera Infinity etc. The presence of these major housing complexes has increased the rates for residential property in Electronic City. The average price of residential property in Electronic City Phase I ranges from rupees one thousand one hundred seventy-eight to eight thousand three hundred ninety-five ninety-five ( ₹1,178-₹8,395 ) per square feet.


The Choice Of Office Workspace in Electronic City :

The need of office workspace is more or less needed by every Corporate and IT sectors . The availability of workplace or offices makes it easier of employees to work properly . The environment in a workplace matters the most . An office layout with a quiet environment increases the productivity from employees . Office workspace  enhances collaboration among employees and the business increases due to collaborative innovation in work . The office spaces are various in types and have their own specifications in their own way . From traditional Offices to modern services offices , there is a wide range of office workspaces in Electronic City and they are listed below :


  • Serviced offices

The Serviced Office space options in Electronic City fulfils all the criteria required for an office workspace . It includes fully embellished space with equipment and facilities looked after by a team of dedicated management team . Speaking about the Management team of Electronic City Serviced Office spaces , it is one of the if not the best management teams  which maintains the workspace properly and conveniently allowing the employees to have a relaxed working environment . The employees focus on their works without being interrupted by management problems . Another thing that is best in the Office Spaces is a workaholic facility team who’s main target  is the high quality facilities to the client and it  looks after the equipment like the Electricity network , access control etc.

The facility team also includes the housekeeping for the clients making it easier for them . The Office is facilitated with a Cafeteria that provides the beverages for the employees . The privacy and security of the office and it’s employees is taken into consideration with proper security system . The office rooms are properly air conditioned controlled by the facility team.


  • Traditional Offices

The most common or traditional office space as the name suggests . The Traditional Offices are the offices where the client have to make an agreement and pay on a monthly basis according to the agreement made . The rent is charged on the basis of the measurement of the office area required by the client . Traditional Offices are  preferred by Companies with an independent mentality and a strong financial backing because of the self service system . The management of the workspace is to be looked after by the employees themselves costing additional charges due to this .

The other additional management facilities are the responsibility of the clients while the basic equipment shall be provided by the workspace itself giving The company  the opportunity to work independently with their own working team . The facility team unlike the serviced offices  is not provided and there is a self work facility .


  • Bare Shell Offices

Bare Shell Offices are a part or property whose basic construction is completed and is provided with the basic building services . These types of offices have non-embellished interior designs and decorations . The offices also lacks the facility of Heating , Ventilation , and Air conditioning ( HVAC) systems . The important facilities of lighting , plumbing and elevator systems are also not provided which allows the client to design the office according to their will .

The Bare Shell Offices requires the input of basic amenities before it can be used . This type of Office Layout is preferred by clients who prefers customisable offices as per their convenience and the lifestyle that suits the company the most . They are ideal for start-ups and corporates launching new ventures . The Bare shell Offices are also preferred by Residential Office requirements as the basic flooring and room construction is done without having proper ornamentation.


The Warm shell office spaces are office spaces are a commercial office space  with minimum embellishments . Unlike the Bare Shell Offices the Warm Shell Offices are provided with basic facilities after the completion of it’s construction . It is describes as the vanilla shell property due to being semi-furnished. The Warm Shell Offices are equipped with necessities like heating , ventilation and air conditioning  ( HVAC ) system along with lighting and plumbing . The flooring is finished with restrooms and a drop ceiling . It is a ready to use workspace preferred by clients looking for comparatively reduced costs than other fully embellished offices . It is also preferred by consumers having temporary office needs . The office layout is prevalent in commercial office segments .


Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ:

Several questions are asked by people regarding any matter very often. Those frequently asked questions are referred to as Frequently Asked Questions. Here is is a list of some questions that are asked frequently regarding the Electronic City of Bangalore.


1. Can you state the office space options available in Electronic City, Bangalore? 

Ans. There is a range of office spaces in Electronic City Bangalore which can be hired according to the need of the companies or units. The office space options in Electronic City are:

Serviced Office Spaces:  They are fully furnished office spaces provided with a management team that has experienced and skilled officers who look after everything like air-conditioning, internet connection, accessibility to different types of machinery, supply of beverages etc. These type of offices are generally hired based on a deal or and agreement.

Traditional Office Spaces: They have fully furnished office spaces but lacks the feature of the management team as the management of the office have to be done by the employees which lay extra money and effort. These office spaces are hired on monthly basis.

Bare Shell Office Spaces: They are unfurnished office spaces that are directly provided after the construction of the room. Essential features are not provided but their connections are given.

Warm Shell Office Spaces: They are semi-furnished office spaces that are provided after construction with basic features like electricity, plumbing etc.



2. Can you specify the price range of Office Spaces in Electronic City Bangalore?

Ans. There has been a huge benefit to the real estate market of Electronic City due to the large population, IT infrastructure, best health care services, availability of the countries best educational institutions, and ethnic lifestyle and the self-sufficient area. The features have attracted companies from various parts of the country to make their office in the E-city and thus increasing the rates of residential and office spaces. The average price of office spaces in Electronic City ranges from rupees fifty to sixty ( ₹50-₹60 ) per square feet according to the phase of E-city.


3. What are the major places where people can organize parties?

Ans. There are lots of places in Electronic City where people can party and hang out with friends. The places include mouth-watering restaurants, bars, microbreweries and cafes providing the best cuisines and beverages. The renowned party places are – The Terminus, Mesa Lounge Bar and the Coffee Shop, Tap House 2.0 Bar and Kitchen, Strada Kitchen and Bar, Gilly’s Resto Bar and Habit Lounge Bar and Pub that are present within the vicinity of the place. E-City is a massive attraction for beer lovers due to the presence of microbreweries. The famous microbreweries are – 46 Ounces, Brew garden, What the Ale?!, BLR Brewing Co. and La Casa Brewery and Kitchen within the local proximity.


4. Can you name some famous fun places to enjoy with friends in Electronic City?

Ans. Electronic City had some of the renowned fun places and themed restaurants where one can have fun with friends. It offers sports arenas and fun parks to enjoy with friends like the Footymonks Arena and Play Factory. Leaving that, there are themed restaurants that serve excellent quality food and are themed which makes them an obvious attraction. The themed restaurants are – The Big Barbeque, Fire Station, Sky Lounge Bar and many more.