Nowadays, everyone wants to be associated with the best suited coworking spaces close to their area and thinking

of that fact, this article has brought the 10 best coworking spaces inBellandur.


  1. IndiQube Edge :

    This enterprise gives you enough scope to find your own coworking spaces. It provides 7 different spaces, such as,

Private Office –You can call it your own office where your whole team can access everything comfortably.

Enclosed Cabins – Here you can find your perfect work environment with the exact number of seats.

Open Seats – You can demand your access to the meeting rooms here without any hesitation. You can also get the flexi seats here.

Training Rooms – These rooms are made for making your team more comfortable in the time of workshops and training sessions.

Board Rooms – It supports audio,  visual and multimedia solutions for giving you seamless experience of board rooms and meeting rooms.

Daily Passes – This pass will help you to get full flexi seats and the allowance of beverages, WIFI, and so on for a whole day.

Events Space – This is the perfect venue for celebrating the award ceremonies and the sales meet with quality food and beverage items.

  • Amenities – This coworking space provides wifi, printer, car parking slot, comfy workstations, meeting rooms, bike parking slot, and reception also. Its housekeeping facility is super and the rooms are also air-conditioned. Here you can enjoy tea and coffee service as well.
  • Timings – Sunday :00am to 11.59pm

Monday : 12.00am to 11.59pm

Tuesday : 12.00am to 11.59pm

Wednesday : 12.00am to 11.59pm

Thursday : 12.00am to 11.59pm

Friday : 12.00am to 11.59pm

Saturday : 12.00am to 11.59pm

  1. Lad Workspaces :

This company allows its customers for customized workspace. It provides Private office cabin, shared office spaces, and the entire floors for your business purpose. It is the best place for those who want to create and grow their businesses up to a prime standard. It gives four workspace options, e.g.,

Private cabins – It is suitable for the groups of 4-10 members and the groups can use their own business logo while booking it monthly or yearly basis.

Virtual Office – Here you can find your ultimate professional business address where mail handling is as easy as counting ABC.

Dedicated Desk – This space is designed only for the small teams and freelancers. Here, everyonewill get a secured furnished desk once booking is done.

Conference Room and Meeting Room –lad Workspaces giving extremely goodmeeting rooms for the teams of 4 to 5 members and the conference rooms for the teams of 12 to 15 members.

  • Website –https://ladworkspaces.com/
  • Location – Site no 12, Outer Ring Rd, opposite Vijaya Bank Bellandur Branch, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103.

  • Amenities – It offers amazing facilities like, Wi-Fi, printer / scanner, 2 W Parking,  projector, white board, reception, and AC rooms also. Tea and coffee service is provided here also. Apart from these, Lad Workspaces also offering powerful security system, power back up, and lockers.
  • Timings – Sunday :6am to 9pm

Monday : 6am to 10pm

Tuesday : 6am to 10pm

Wednesday : 6am to 10pm

Thursday : 6am to 10pm

Friday : 6am to 10pm

Saturday : 6am to 10pm

  1. WeWork Vaishnavi Signature :

It is a famous coworking space in Bellandur for its health and safety measures.This company provides every professional service and IT solution to make you successful.

WeWork Vaishnavi Signature gives the best solutions for the workplace of tomorrow. It has designed 3 types of private workspaces.

Full Floor Office – It has every option for making your own branding on a configurable private floor.

Standard Office –You will get your move-in-ready working space here with all standard meeting rooms and amenities.

Office Suite – It is ideal for the large teams who want community support and private meeting rooms.

WeWork Vaishnavi Signature also provides open workspaces for coworking, such as,

Dedicated Desk – It gives you the facility to own a shared desk also with the meeting rooms for 24*7 days access.

WeWork All access – If you want to access its workspaces all around the world, it is the best option for you.

  • Amenities – This company is always ready to provide free WIFI, projector, white board, 4 W parking, leased line, printer and scanner, 2 W parking, and air conditioned rooms. Besides these, it also offers lift, power backup, pantry, locker, high security, and tea / coffee service.
  • Timings – Sunday :Closed

Monday : 9am to 6pm

Tuesday : 9am to 6pm

Wednesday : 9am to 6pm

Thursday : 9am to 6pm

Friday : 9am to 6pm

Saturday : Closed


  1. IndiQube Lakeside :

The expert team of this enterprise is able to give you a beautiful experience whether you are in SEZ or Tech Park. After booking its service, you don’t need to take any concern regarding the management as IndiQube Lakeside has been taking care your requirements from years. Everyone can find here the premium amenities, dedicated space, personalized interiors, customized layouts, and smart building experience together.

IndiQubeLakeside also provides facility management for choose your own services, like, asset maintenance, sanitisation, and security ; Contactless cafeteria solutions for your events ; And technology based interface for door to door and air transfer services.

Apart from these, it offers 7 different workspaces like IndiQube Edge, i.e., private office, open seats, training rooms, board rooms, daily passes, event space, and enclosed cabins.

  • Amenities –The best facilities which it offers are high speed internet and Starbucks Cafe. It also provides reception desk, smart meeting rooms, executive longue, break – out zone and floor pantries. You will find here the access control systems and visitor management system also.
  • Timings –Sunday :00am to 11.59pm

Monday : 12.00am to 11.59pm

Tuesday : 12.00am to 11.59pm

Wednesday : 12.00pm to 11.59am

Thursday : 12.00pm to 11.59am

Friday : 12.00pm to 11.59am

Saturday : 12.00pm to 11.59am

  1. Cowrks :

This company provides thepremium workplaces that are fully flexible and creative. It always goes as per their customers wantand that’s why the mission delivery process of Cowrks is beyond any appreciation. Moreover, it has become India’s largest coworking community. Very few coworking enterprises are as dedicated as it is. They give their customers every kind of business support to encourage them. This is such a place where anyone will be able to bring out the creativity and fresh vibes from inner self. Whether you own a large team or small team, it provides world class space design, customised and scalable workplaces, intelligent technology, business class hospitality, and enterprise grade security everywhere.

Cowrkshas all the office workspaces which you will find perfect for your business, such as, Private Suite for medium to long term commitments ; Lounge Membership for flexible commitments ; And Private Studio for ready – to – move – in offices.

Apart from these, currently it is providingelegantmeeting rooms, spacious eventvenues, GO by Cowrks, and access to its virtualofficein its anywhere workspace solutions.

  • Amenities –Cowrks here provides such amenities like soundproof phone booths for privacy management, confidential printing access, beautiful lounges for doing every type of collaboration job, visitor management system, community handling desk ; hand – picked cookies, fruit water and tea.
  • Timings – Sunday :8am to 8pm

Monday : 8am to 8pm

Tuesday : 8am to 8pm

Wednesday : 8am to 8pm

Thursday : 8am to 8pm

Friday : 8am to 8pm

Saturday : 8am to 8pm


  1. GoodWorks CoWork :

If you really want an upscale office in Bellandur for your start-up team, nothing would be better than GoodWorks Cowork since it has perfect spaces for SMEs and start-ups. Being a premium designed coworking brand, it provides spacious and beautiful work spaces which are usually 65-75vsqft per seat. The only motto of this company is achieving customers’ satisfaction. The team of this enterprise knows very well that how a SME grows faster so GoodWorks CoWork focuses on the workspace designs that can increase the productivity of the entrepreneurs.


Let’s get to know how does GoodWorks CoWork make a unique position for itself?

No other coworking space in Bellandur is giving such spacious places as it gives, since they think that large space brings comfort in work ; It is always beside the hard workers who want to make use of every second of their life, since it allows them a full time access ; It provides the most useful services for your betterment, such as,  technology, HR/recruitment, marketing, finance, etc.

  • Amenities –You can get high speed WIFI, free tea and coffee service, mailbox services from GoodWorks CoWork and it is also special for its furnished offices and the well – organised events and workshops.
  • Timings – Sunday : Closed

Monday : 8am to 8 pm

Tuesday : 8am to 8 pm

Wednesday : 8am to 8pm

Thursday : 8am to 8pm

Friday : 8am to 8pm

Saturday : 8am to 8pm

  1. Classic Converge :

It provides the coworking spaces basically for small and large enterprises in Bellandurso that they will be able to do collaborative and engaging works. It offers 6 types of solution for enterprise, e.g.,

Swing Spaces – It is ideal for those who are in so hurry every time that temporary workspaces are more needed to themthan permanent spaces.

Training Rooms – Here you will find the best work environment with different layouts for team briefing.

Custom ODCs – Whenever youwill need to set an office overseas, it will come up with its multiple offices filled with all your requirements.

Studios – These spacesof Classic Converge will get you professional looking customized studios for showing your creativity.

Customised Headquarters – You need to book its headquarters if you want to build your business path smooth and flourished.

Virtual Offices – It allows the easy access to virtual phone, virtual address, legal consultation, and virtual receptionist all over.

  • Website – https://classicconverge.in/
  • Location – 6th Floor, Sakti Statesman, Green Glen Layout, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103

  • Amenities –Classic Converge in Bellandur provides high speed WIFI, power backup, white board, printer / scanner, Ethernet, CCTV, projector, phone booths, and parking slot for satisfying you. Apart from these, you can also get air conditioned rooms, cafeteria, and access control in a single roof.
  • Timings – Sunday :Closed

Monday : 12.00am to 11.59pm

Tuesday : 12.00am to 11.59pm

Wednesday : 12.00am to 11.59pm

Thursday : 12.00am to 11.59pm

Friday : 12.00am to 11.59pm

Saturday : 12.00am to 11.59pm


  1. WeWorkVajram Esteva :

This is one of the most leading coworking solution providers in Bellandur and it is also the source of creativity, design, and productivity of today’s enterprises. It assists the businesses with its designed workspaces, flexible lease terms, efficiency, the best work culture, cleaning operations, partnership maintenance, unique ideas,  valuable opportunities, safety protocol, and inspiring team.

The enterprise office solutions that WeWork Vajram Esteva offers are,

Office Suites – These are the customized offices for the teams of 30 to 250 members who need executive offices, exclusive meeting rooms, and operational support.

All-access –It provides all the members full access to their network of all the locations situated in India.

Standard Private Office – These are the suitable move-in-ready offices for teams of 1 to 30 members.

Customised Build – WeWork Vajram Esteva gives you the experts of technology and architectureto satisfy your business motto.

  • Amenities – This coworking company has a huge event spacewith sound system, projector, lightning controls, and lounges ; It has also a separate game longue for enjoying in the breaks ; It also provides secure as well as serene rooms for wellbeing and the brainstorming rooms with modern furniture.
  • Apart from these, it also includes the service of fruit water, unique common areas, printing, conference rooms,workshop areas, and high speed internet. The team of WeWork is also providing personalised support in the working weeks and cleaning services in all the rooms.
  • Timings –Sunday :Closed

Monday : 9am to 6pm

Tuesday : 9am to 6pm

Wednesday : 9am to 6pm

Thursday : 9am to 6pm

Friday : 9am to 6pm

Saturday : Closed


  1. 2gether @ ORR :

This coworking space has gained the fame because of its collaboration, community, and partnership services. It encourages the members to set up their business plans properly.

2gether @ ORR provides three types of enterprise services, e.g., CXO’s Suite, Office Suite, and Custom Buildout. Among the memberships, it offers unconventional work culture that is called Day Pass, Hot Desk, Private Cabin, and Dedicated desk.

  • Website – https://www.2gethr.xyz/
  • Location – 1st and 2nd floor, Tower B, Mantri Commercio, Outer Ring Rd, near Sakra World Hospital, Kariyammana Agrahara, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103

  • Amenities – This coworking space is offering you the free WIFI, leased line, printer / scanner, 2 W Parking slot, 4 W Parking slot, white board, projector, security, pantry, power backup, lift, and reception under its roof. The tea / coffee service and AC service are also provided to the customers by 2gether @ ORR.
  • Timings – Sunday :00am to 11.59pm

Monday : 12.00am to 11.59pm

Tuesday : 12.00am to 11.59pm

Wednesday : 12.00am to 11.59pm

Thursday : 12.00am to 11.59pm

Friday : 12.00am to 11.59pm

Saturday : 12.00am to 11.59pm

  1. IncubexSJP :

It plays an important role in the growing enterprises and start – ups by giving the best community support that helps the entrepreneurs to boost up their ideas. It can organise your business with hassle – free andfocussed service, e.g.,

Coworking Desks – It has 1 to 30 seats which are suitable for freelancers and starts – ups.

Private Offices – It is ideal for start – ups, small teams, freelancers, and satellite offices. Here you can find 2 to 50 seats with your own cabins.

Virtual Office – It is best suited for the firms which look for only corporate and mail handling.

Enterprise Offices – These types of offices are made for the mid – scale enterprises that look for a large number of seats.

Meeting Rooms – It is the perfect place for those who conduct workshops, collaborative sessions, meetings,  and interviews. Here you will find the rooms with 6 to 25 seats.

  • Website – http://www.incubex.in/
  • Location – 9/2, 2nd Floor, Coronet Greens Commercial Complex, Above Big Bazaar Varthur Hobli, Ambalipura, Marathahalli – Sarjapur Rd, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103

  • Amenities –Incubex SJP never compromises to provide the best services to its customers. It offers a lot of advantages, e.g., WIFI, printer, air conditioned rooms, reception, brilliant housekeeping, bike and car parking slots, tea and coffee service, pantry, meeting rooms, and comfy workstations.
  • Timings – Sunday :Closed

Monday : 9am to 7.30pm

Tuesday : 9am to 7.30pm

Wednesday : 9am to 7.30pm

Thursday : 9am to 7.30pm

Friday : 9am to 7.30pm

Saturday : 9am to 7.30pm


Hoping that after reading this article, you will be fully aware of the best coworking spaces in Bellandur.